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About Us

Established in 2000, Evergreen Rabbit Control offers a specialised service controlling wild rabbits. We provide a year round service to our customers throughout the UK. Every year we systematically remove tens of thousands of rabbits from a variety of habitats in both rural and urban situations. At Evergreen Rabbit Control we pride ourselves in having staff that are highly skilled and efficient in all forms of controlling this pest. Their expertise stems from years of not only catching, but also of studying the nature of the rabbit. There is a saying "there's no such thing as a problem - just a solution".

About Ever Green

Here at Evergreen Rabbit Control we have the expertise to deal with any rabbit problem that occurs using the widest range of rabbit control methods available.  We are able to provide a solution to any scenario. We can offer a humane and versatile rabbit control service that is unlikely to be matched by any other company.

We have branches in

Andover, Ashford, Bishops Waltham, The Isle of Canna, Oxted, Plymouth, Newton Abbot, Bridgwater, Isle of Canna and Wednesbury. With such a wide coverage we can help with your rabbit control needs wherever you are in the UK

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Tel: 07941 190 701Tel: 01264 726 443

  • Fully insured
  • Full Firearms and Shotgun certificates held
  • First Aid trained
  • 4x4 trained certificates held
  • Rabbit Snaring certified ( relevant to Scottish Laws)
  • Control in Rural and Urban areas
  • Domestic Agricultural Commercial
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Unmarked vehicles
  • Free no obligation quotes
  • Friendly and Impartial advice

Branches in:


Bishops Waltham

Isle of Canna