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Drop Boxes

Drop boxes are a type of multiple live catch trap which works in conjunction with rabbit proof fencing. Normally, however, they can be installed along chain link and most types of panel fencing.

The traps allow rabbits free passage through the fence line via a tunnel over the buried holding cellar. Rabbits will always take the line of least resistance which in turn stops the rabbits damaging the fence, giving it a longer life span.

Rabbit proof fencing alone seldom stops determined rabbits from visiting their favourite feeding ground, in most cases where drop boxes are not used they will dig under, climb over or chew through the fence. This problem is magnified if the fence isn't erected to the correct standards. Fencing alone will only delay the problem however, more measures need to be taken to solve it.

Drop Boxes

Once the trap door system is set the traps will catch as many rabbits that pass through overnight. From as few as one to as many as fifty. This long term, low labour and effective method also has the benefit that any non-target species can be released unharmed.

At Evergreen we offer the service of correct rabbit proof fencing, supply, installation and monitoring. The galvanized steel drop boxes are guaranteed for 25 years.

These traps are best situated along fence lines where rabbits visit from adjacent areas which have been difficult to clear using other means such as motorways, railway lines, a neighbour or if a discreet service is needed in public areas.

With hundreds of these traps in operation here at Evergreen we are systematically catching thousands of rabbits each year. We regard this method as a guaranteed solution to your rabbit problem.

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