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Drop Nets


Dropnets are as the name would suggest- a net which drops. Where rabbits live in inaccessible areas where other methods may not work, the dropnet system can be used successfully.

The net can be set in various lengths from 50 to 500 meters depending on the amount required. The Dropnet is placed between the rabbits home and feeding site.


The net is connected to a series of upright poles and sliding mechanisms which are activated by a long pulley cord leading back to a discreet activation point.

Once the rabbits have travelled underneath, the net is dropped and the rabbits automatically run home but become entangled. An Evergreen operative will then humanely dispatch the captured rabbits and reset the net for the next haul. This method works well in large gardens, paddocks, or farmland etc and was once a recommended form of control by the RSPCA.


Liftnets work in much the same way as a Dropnet but rather than drop down they lift up. They are used in a similar situation as a dropnet but where a more discreet method of control is needed.

The net is fixed to a series of poles which are staked into the ground. The net lays flat and kept in place by pins connected to a long pulley line leading back to a discreet activation point.


Once a number of rabbits have travelled across the net to there feeding site the net is triggered by a Evergreen operative .It will automatically spring upright and the feeding rabbits head for home becomeing entangled in the net.

A member of staff will then dispatch the caught rabbits and reset the liftnet for the next haul. This method works well in large gardens, paddocks, or farmland etc.


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