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Q) I have a rabbit problem on my property. How much will it cost to have them removed?

A) No two rabbit jobs are the same. There are many aspects involved in determining which method of control will provide the most effective solution in the time scale available. Habitat, time of year and the area involved vary greatly making it impossible to quote with out seeing the problem area first. However we provide a free no obligation quote to those who are interested in eliminating their rabbit problem.

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Q) I mentioned to a colleague that I needed to resolve a rabbit problem in my paddocks. He said I should get the burrows gassed. Is this effective?

A) use of toxic gas to kill rabbits in their burrows in our experience is seldom cost effective or a versatile means of control.

Firstly the warmer winters we now encounter in the UK no longer encourage rabbits to congregate in the warmth of their burrows, unlike the harsher winters of the past. This therefore poses the problem of rabbits living above ground in nearby vegetation. Such burrows are likely to be empty, or only partially filled during a gassing operation.

Each hole should be securely blocked after the gas is dispensed. If a hole is overlooked which is easily done (especially if the cover is dense) then the rabbits will safely evacuate their home.

Such gas follows the line of least resistance and often dissipates through various soil types, meaning the gas doesn’t reach any occupant rabbits.

Gassing can and does cause negative effects and death towards plant life and non-target species including wildlife, livestock and pets.

Gassing is normally conducted by companies/operatives who lack the vital skill called field craft to carry out rabbit control effectively. This “method” is a highly profitable business to such companies, although a needless high expense to the customer.

Here at Evergreen we utilise field craft, experience and knowledge of the rabbit to full effect with the aid of our various, versatile methods.

We supply an effective service that is unlikely to be matched by such companies, and at a fraction of the price.

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Q) What is the best time of year to control rabbits?

A) Rabbits cause problems throughout the year and therefore need controlling over such a period.

Generally speaking months with an ‘R’ (for rabbit) in the name (September- April) are best. This is due to vegetation being minimal making rabbit easier to find as they will congregate in certain areas. Rabbits can however be controlled in the summer months with the methods we employ, that will suit such scenario. We can advise once contacted.

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Q) We recently had a local chap come ferreting on our land. Whilst he never charged for doing it, as it was his hobby, he wasn’t very successful. What other method would you use to control our rabbits as we presume ferreting wont control the problem.

A) Firstly the results provided by someone ferreting as a hobby/sport in comparison to that of a rabbit control specialist such as Evergreen are very different.

It may be due to the fact that ferreting is not always a suitable method to control your rabbits or it maybe that another method is needed to compliment it and to provide the required results. However there is a good chance the ferreter was not systematic in his, only doing easily accessed burrows, not using the correct equipment or leaving rabbits behind for another day or as breeding stock.

When carried out correctly ferreting is an extremely effective method of control. We do however employ a variety of other effective methods which enables us to provide a tailored solution to any rabbit problem.


Q) We need rabbits controlled, however we need it carried out discretely as staff and the public in the area may great upset. Can you provide such a service?

A) At Evergreen we employ a variety of methods to control rabbits. Some are more discreet than others. We do regularly control rabbits in sensitive areas and fully understand the requirements needed to remove them with out the knowledge of the public. This is easily carried out with the use of some of the methods we employ to get the required results.

All our vehicles are unmarked so we avoid the attraction of those who may not understand the need for rabbits to be controlled for various reasons. Our staff will advise on assessment of such an area as to which methods would be used along with a quotation.

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Q) We have a rabbit and mole problem, can you resolve both issues?

A) Evergreen Rabbit Control as the name suggests is a specialist company that solely deals with the removal of rabbits alone.

The reason Evergreen was created is that other general pest control companies are ‘jack of all trades’ and often fail to deliver the required results when attempting rabbit control. This is often due to their lack of knowledge, ability or field craft. Such companies can be good at controlling other pests however.

We do work closely with pest control companies who do specialise in certain species and can recommend companies on request.

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