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Professional ferreting is a highly effective form of rabbit control. Here at Evergreen Rabbit Control with the aid of our team of ferrets, and their natural instinct to hunt and bolt rabbits, we systematically clear vast areas, leaving no stone unturned. Rabbits bolted by our effective team of working ferrets are either caught by strategically placed nets, awaiting dogs, shot by skilled marksmen, or a combination of all three.


When working as methodically as this it leaves few, if any, to repopulate which provides optimum results of which “sporting ferreters” could seldom achieve.

Ferrets are normally used to bolt rabbits from burrows. We, however regularly use them to flush rabbits from underneath buildings, decking and sheds as well as from drain systems, wire ducts and log piles.

Ferreting Method

Ferreting professionally can be carried out 12 months of the year however it is normally more cost effective between September and May when the vegetation is minimal.

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