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Harvest Control

On arable land harvest time creates an opportunity to reduce rabbits in large numbers providing the correct methods are employed.

Many rabbits will have moved out into the standing crops as they grow and the cover afforded by them increases, not only do such crops as oilseed rape, beans, maize etc: provide a safe haven, they also provide food!

Harvest Control

When harvest time arrives and the combine or forage harvester start work, an opportunity arises to effect a cull of the rabbits living in the shelter of the crop. Using strategically placed long nets (sometimes completely encircling the field) the majority of the pests are accounted for. Occasionally if suitable, we will use shotguns to mop up any escapees.

In all cases Evergreen are happy to discuss the methods to be used and liaise with landowners and their employees to ensure both efficiency and safety.


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