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Long Netting

Longnetting at night is somewhat of a forgotten art these days however prior to the arrival of myxmatosis in the 1950’s it was a favoured method of control.  We at Evergreen know that this method when used correctly is a highly efficient means of humanely taking large numbers of rabbits at night.

Long Netting

As darkness falls rabbits leave the safety of their burrows and venture far out on grass and arable land, often travelling considerable distances in the search for food. This gives the Evergreen operatives the opportunity to silently set their nets between the burrows and the food source. Once the net is in position covering the required length the rabbits are carefully driven homewards towards the waiting net. The slack in the net ensures any rabbits running into it will become entangled. Once caught, the rabbit is swiftly and humanely despatched by one of our operatives.

This method of catching rabbits has the advantage of causing virtually no disturbance whatsoever, as no lights are used and under cover of darkness the job is carried out silently.

On land heavily infested with rabbits literally hundreds can be caught in a night by this method.


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