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Night Vision/Thermal Imaging

At Evergreen Rabbit Control we use the latest technology in thermal imaging equipment to spot rabbits at night, The body heat of the rabbit presents a clear picture to the operative via the spotting scope. This in turn allows opportunities to get close to the rabbits without any disturbance. Once rabbits have left their burrows to feed at night it is almost impossible for them not to be sighted by such a device. The spotting device can be used both on foot or from a vehicle. Once spotted our marksman utilises a firearm fitted with night vision telescopic site to place a shot. Night vision optics are used in conjunction with various calibre rifles, dependant on the problem area in question. Where problems arise in gardens or built up areas we normally opt for a high powered air rifle fitted with a night vision telescope, as opposed to a large farm where we would tend to choose one of our higher powered firearms.

Night Vision

All rifles at Evergreen are fitted with sound moderators to help avoid any unwanted disturbance to both rabbits and neighbours in the vicinity. This method is effective for high populations of rabbits as well as when there are only a few causing the problem. The marksman will be situated in a position that gives him the greatest visibility, this can be places such as an upstairs window, flat roof, high seat etc..

Rabbit rifles

The unknowing rabbits are then humanely shot one by one quickly reducing the population. This successful and discreet method works well in both rural and urban areas.

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