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Rabbit Proof Fencing

Rabbit fencing plays an important role in prevention of rabbit damage when erected correctly to the right specifications. Here at Evergreen rabbit control we understand the capabilities of rabbits which is often not the case with non specialist companies.

In our experience many fencing contractors use poor quality materials as well as having the netting too low and not buried deep enough into the ground. This is mainly due to the fact that they underestimate a rabbits capability which can allow rabbits to chew threw, climb over or dig under supposedly ‘rabbit proof fencing’.

Rabbit control fencing

At Evergreen rabbit control we use high quality materials which in turn means not only are our rabbit proof fences effective but also long lasting. Each job is different and the requirements for an effective fence may vary. However our standard fence consists of 4ft heavy duty netting fitted to two high tensile straining wires whilst being held in place by sturdy posts placed no further than 5meters apart. The netting is buried to the correct depth and gates are fitted where needed, which along with our fences are installed to be rabbit proof against both adult and young rabbits.

Rabbit control fencing

In most circumstances we use our specialised rabbit fencing plough. This piece of machinery enables us to erect fencing quickly and precisely whilst burring the netting to the required depth. We can fit netting onto existing fences (such as post and rail, stock netting and chain link fencing etc) as well as those specifically erected for the prevention of rabbit damage. With the use of our plough we can erect substantial amounts of netting in a short space of time, therefore allowing us to install fencing much cheaper than most other contractors.

For jobs in confined areas that restrict the use of our plough we can use more traditional means whilst still maintaining the high quality and effectiveness of our rabbit fencing.

Please note that in many cases it will be necessary to install drop boxes along the fence. See methods of control for further information.

A member of staff will be happy to talk through individual requirements and advise where necessary.


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