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Snaring is an integral, important and highly effective part of rabbit control when carried out correctly as by the trained operatives at Evergreen. The use of snares is particularly effective in areas where access is limited for example where dense, inaccessible vegetation, particularly in spring and summer, hold numbers of rabbits that travel to more open cultivated areas to feed.


Snares are placed on the rabbit runs (paths) on which they travel to and from their feeding grounds. These specially designed snares hold the rabbits until removed by one of our operatives. Snares are checked, according to the law at least once every 24 hours and in most cases more frequently.

Our snares (which conform to accepted standards) are marked when in position to avoid any being left behind when the operation has been completed.

Our operatives will advise on the suitability of this method of control in your specific case.

Please Note- All Rabbit Snares are fitted with “stops” and recorded when positioned by our qualified staff. This is in accordance with Scottish law and our preferred system across the rest of UK.



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