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Cage Trapping

The use of cage traps plays an important role in the control of rabbits. Baited live catch traps can be relied upon in a variety of environments, in particular where other methods for a variety reasons are inappropriate. The traps provide a humane method of capture and ensure non target species, if captured, can be released unharmed.


This method is extremely useful where rabbits travel in from surrounding areas, a good example of this is in gardens which are frequently targeted by rabbits. Traps installed by Evergreen operatives are very effective in these situations; they can also be used to good effect on farmland and have the advantage of working throught the year, 24 hours a day.

The use of Traps that Dispatch

The use of traps that kill humanely and instantly have a wide variety of uses in rabbit control. At Evergreen we use various makes of traps all of which are highly effective when set correctly by our experienced staff.

These traps are normally set in locations such as the entrance to the burrows themselves, holes under fencing, or artificial tunnels. In every case the traps are always covered to avoid the capture of non target species whilst at the same time maximising total effectiveness.

Cage Trapping

All traps are numbered or set with a marker beside them to guarantee they are all safely removed once the control programme has been completed.

We at Evergreen follow the recommendations of such national bodies as DEFRA and BASC and ensure all traps are inspected at least every 24 hours. The trapping method of control can be used effectively throughout the year.

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