Why Rabbits need to be kept under control in such areas

Having worked for some the UK’s premier Golf Courses, sports grounds run by authorities and privately-owned school playing areas, we fully understand the important requirements of each site.

Football pitches, croquet lawns, golf courses are just some of the sports areas favoured by rabbits to target. In these locations, rabbits normally cause issues via digging. If allowed to continue and dig scrapes or burrows this heightens the chance of a sports player to trip, fall and injure themselves.

Digging combined with grazing along with an abundance of droppings can also make an area look uninviting. Rabbits cause damage to sports equipment such as football and cricket nets as well as posing a fire risk if they take up residence under buildings in the vicinity through chewing wires.


How we work

At Evergreen we utilise an assortment of methods to promptly deal with such rabbit issues.

Our versatile service allows us to tailor an approach without conflict to the day to day running of these places. Some areas require Rabbit Proof Fencing and Drop Box systems to stop the damage effectively. Others need a mixture of approaches. In each instance, we keep our activities low key often working under the cover of darkness.


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