Lights , camera ,…….. and action !

We recently spent three days with a professional film crew from Europe who followed us as we went about our work on the isle of Canna in Scotland.¬† The Hebrides isn’t renowned for its sunny weather or lack of wind but despite this the elements were kind to us on this occasion . Not only did this allow us to go about our work unhindered but also allowed the very skilled film crew to get the footage they required for the documentary¬† .

They spent time filming us in the day and at night showing a variety of methods both traditional and modern.

Fingers crossed this will give a good incite into the vast amount of work that has gone into this project since its start in 2014 and 24000 rabbits later show all the work Craig has put into it since that first intensive 3 month cull in the beginning .

Thankfully it was a enjoyable experience working the camera crew and we even got to learn parts of a new language ! hopefully they have been kind to us with the editing and can do some magic to the footage and make us look a bit more photogenic !

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