What is a rabbit Dropnet or Liftnet?

Dropnets are as the name would suggest – a net which drops. An especially designed long net of the required length (50 m-500m) is connected to a series of upright poles and sliding mechanisms. These are activated by a long pulley cord leading back to a discreet activation point. Once a number of rabbits pass underneath, the operative drops the net. The rabbits attempt to run home but become entangled.

Liftnets work in much the same way as a dropnet but rather than drop down they lift up. The net is fixed to a series of poles which are staked into the ground. The net lays flat and kept in place by pins connected to a long pulley line leading back to a discreet activation point. Once a number of rabbits have travelled across the net to their feeding site the net is triggered by a Evergreen operative. It will automatically spring upright and the feeding rabbits head for home but become entangled in the net.

Both systems are effective in removing large numbers and especially important when firearms cannot be used and are always humanely dispatched by an experienced operative.


When should you use a Dropnet or Liftnet?

Rabbit dropnets and lift net systems work well in a variety of locations. This method works well in large gardens, paddocks, as well as farmland.

Where rabbits visit from neighbouring land, these systems can be relied upon to remove such a plague. This system can also be relied upon when rabbits visit from an area that is hard to access due to dense vegetation making it a method of control that is useful in summer months.


Why you need Dropnets and Liftnets.

These systems are effective in removing large numbers each time they are set. This method of control is also a very important tool when firearms cannot be used or where other methods cannot be relied upon.

Did you know…

  • Dropnets were once recommended by the RSPCA as an humane form of rabbit control

Rabbit Dropnets and Liftnets can be used in different locations. To find out more about the benefits of using rabbit Dropnets or Liftnets and how they can help you, please visit our contact page or email us at info@evergreenrabbitcontrol.co.uk

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