New forest rabbit control 


We recently got contacted by a potential client enquiring about an issue with rabbits in a horse field in The New forest.  He had recently bought the field with the aim to keep his much loved horses.  However an extensive burrow system proved problematic and posed risks in the form of horses breaking legs in holes .

After a initial visit , we supplied a plan of action and costs to provide effective results and allow the field to be used for its intended purpose .

This was agreed to be a positive way forward and work soon commenced . The first task was to remove all rabbits which was carried out with the aid of a trained dog to mark inhabited holes followed by the the use of ferrets to remove any with in  . Once completed ,we dug the burrow system up with machinery to ensure all tunnel systems and rabbit holes were destroyed. The ground was re levelled and made safe for horses and the work was soon completed making the field now usable and safe for equine use .

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