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Many of the islands are rich with archaeology due to the long history of occupation that date back to Mesolithic man. Each island  has a diverse range of wildlife and important habitats, many of which also have an abundance of rabbits also.

Evergreen Rabbit control has worked on many of these islands to protect historical sites, grazing ,and to aid habitat management. The rabbit’s introduction to these parts of the world would have initially been for food and fur. These days with less reliance on such attributes, rabbit control is very important to avoid over population and damage that can have long term effects on fragile echo systems as well as causing great financial loss.

In 2014 evergreen rabbit control won the contract to carry out a large-scale cull on the Isle of Canna in the Inner Hebrides. This was to protect habitats, farming interests, and archaeological sites.

Evergreen utilises a wide range of control methods for effective rabbit control. Our cost-effective solutions are delivered in an environmentally friendly way with guaranteed results.

For all enquiries relating to rabbit control in Scotland please contact our team direct in the Hebrides.

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