Sussex Rabbits 

Rabbits cause problems in a variety of habitats but woodland is often an area of concern . Recently the team from Evergreen Rabbit control were tasked with helping heavily reduce a rabbit population in an East Sussex forest . The required work was part of a regeneration project aimed to bring the woodland back to its former glory .

The mixed woodland consisting of beech , chestnut and oak as well as many other types had been targeted by rabbits meaning the high population was of concern . The rabbits needed to be heavily reduced to aid ongoing planting for the project to be a long term success.

As with much of our work , to get the best results we use a mixed method approach to gain maximum results quickly . In this case we used dogs to locate rabbits in warrens as well as in dense vegetation . On locating the rabbits we used an assortment of nets to either cover each warren entrance or encircle bramble patches.

From a birds view 

Ferrets or dogs were then entered and flushed rabbits into nets. To compliment this method we also worked in conjunction with a trained hawk to catch rabbits moving in and around vegetation . This worked very well as it often will in woodland when the bird has such a good vantage point as from a tree above the work area. Bit buy bit we systematically worked our way around the 80 acre site .

By night we used thermal imaging equipment, nightvision and high powered air rifles to remove any rabbits spotted to give maximum results .



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