Why rabbits need to be kept under control in such areas

Evergreen Rabbit Control has worked on a variety of forestry sites of all shapes and sizes. We have been contracted in to eradicate rabbits from newly planted MOD plantations, for companies Clear-felling as well as privately owned sites. We have also been the chosen contractors for those involved with conservation projects and the grant criteria.

The rabbits digging isn’t always the issue in such an area unless it encroaches route systems. The rabbit’s ability to live on so little but destroy so much is the issue. Even a small population can cause a notable amount of damage in a short space of time, this is often heightened by bad weather such as snow. The chewing of newly planted saplings often deems the plant dead or weak at best. Established trees also suffer from the pressures of a rabbit population, many get ring barked which stops the sap circulating which eventually kills the tree. These factors, of course, have effects on income as well as habitat management.

We carry out the required works via several control methods. In some instances, the starting point is erecting Rabbit Fencing around the perimeter or repairing the existing fence line. In other situations, we work systematically across the area using dogs to find and indicate where rabbits are hiding, these are then flushed with ferrets into nets or shot. Sometimes strategically placed Birds of Prey that are trained to catch rabbits are also beneficial to such projects. There advanced vision combined with placement in a high vantage point enables them to spot rabbits and make captures. To add to this efficiency, we check the area at night via Thermal Imaging equipment and utilise various firearms to safely remove any stragglers. This can be carried out on foot, from high seats or vehicles depending on suitability.

In some instances, we combine these methods with trapping or snaring until we are sure all rabbits have been removed from the site. In each instance, we work around planting schedules to ensure the client knows their investment is safe.

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