Why Rabbits need to be kept under control in such areas

Even the smallest number of rabbits in such an environment can cause problems. The rabbits habitual chewing of electrical wires is often the most common reason for there removal on such a site. This can cause loss of income through system failures along with the risk of fires which can destroy equipment or worse.

Burrowing is also an issue in and around these areas. Rabbits digging alongside buildings, inverters or solar panel structures can cause weaknesses, inconsistencies and unpredictable environments. Subsidence to surfaces or buildings causes trip hazards as well as damage to revenue earning equipment.

At Evergreen we understand the workings of such sites and that strict health and safety procedures are followed at all times. This combined with effective control measures helps assist the smooth running of such areas ensuring they are safe and productive environment for staff to work with in.




How are results achieved

We provide various services for these sites including the correct installation of Rabbit Proof Fencing and gates along with the eradication of resident rabbits.

Evergreen also carries out ground works to repair the effects of burrowing if required. We are happy to resolve an issue as a fresh project or go in after other companies to correct failings. Our work can be followed up with regular visits if the client requires such a service but in each instance our work is guaranteed. All of this is achieved whilst working closely with the management and staff of such a site.


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