What is Rabbit Control?

Rabbit control is a service that Evergreen offers to customers who wish to greatly reduce a population of rabbits. The objective is not to eradicate the species within an area but to bring the population down to a degree where damage is tolerable or unnoticeable and then be kept at this level. To accomplish this, we utilise a variety of environmentally friendly control methods that achieve unrivalled results. With a mixture of traditional methods as well as using the latest technology we meet the high standards of our customers. Each year we remove thousands of rabbits from both rural and urban areas.

We offer:

  • One-off treatments
  • Regular visits
  • Ongoing control contracts
  • Resident rabbit catchers to suit each clients requirements

When is Rabbit Control required?

Generally speaking, rabbit control is needed when the damage caused by them can no longer be tolerated. This can be for financial, safety or environmental reasons. Greatly reducing a population and maintaining it at a low level helps conserve these other interests.

Rabbits are one of few species that have the ability of excessive breeding and grazing, which is why numbers need to be controlled. Low levels of rabbits are also less susceptible to diseases.

Why you need Rabbit Control?

Sadly, rabbits cannot monitor their numbers themselves, if left unchecked an population increase can have many negative effects on an area. Grazing, chewing and digging combined with breeding are all characteristics that rabbits are famous for. These problems can greatly increase if numbers are left unchecked can cause a rabbit population boom. You will know if you require rabbit control to reduce the rabbit population if you have experienced any of these common problems: crop damage, loss of habitat, electric wire damage, or missing flowers in gardens. To avoid such issues, it is often advisable to reduce a population.


Did you know…

  • One adult rabbit consumes 500 grams of vegetation a day

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