A complete service for every aspect of Deer management

The Deer population is growing rapidly across the UK and with no natural predators, deer management is vital to protect crops and forestry as well as the conservation of habitats to name just a few reasons.

At Evergreen we provide a complete service from the planning of the population reduction, with the aid of specialist thermal drones to accurately gauge populations, cull implementation, and finally preventative installation of high quality deer fencing.Deer Management


Population reduction …

With limited effect by sporting or trophy hunters, our professional Deer controllers are required to manage Deer numbers correctly to avoid environmental damage and over population. Effective control also helps reduce road traffic accidents and suffering.

Our highly trained and experienced team work closely with clients to achieve the required results as cost effectively as possible. In many situations this also improves habitat biodiversity, maximises crop yields and protects other investments. Our clients are also reassured to know every Deer we remove is used in a constructive manner and never wasted.

Night shooting license 

In some instances it is necessary to shoot deer at night to reduce populations to a sensible level quickly and effectively . This can be carried out under a site specific license for reasons such as preserving public health or public safety, conserving the natural heritage, or preventing serious damage to property.

We work closely with the licensing authorities on behalf of the client to gain the required results and look after both the paperwork and practical side of things.  We follow best practice guide lines and ensure safety at all times for such operations.


Along side culling we provide aerial thermal Deer counts to assess populations accurately. Our specialist drone enables us to see what others can not and have unique perspective that aids a control programme.


Deer fencing….

In some situations Deer proofing is required either along side Deer culling or as an alternative to protect assets. Here at Evergreen we install the highest quality of Deer fencing using a wide range of materials suited to the client’s budget for proofing against all species of Deer.

Our services….

  • Deer population assessments with drones fitted with thermal cameras
  • Culling to meet each client’s requirements
  • Deer proof fencing to suit each location against each species of Deer
  • UK coverage
  • Urban and rural

For more details please contact info@evergreenrabbitcontrol.co.uk

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