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We have worked in most counties across the UK and always willing to expand this. Here is just a very small selection of some of the work we have carried out for commercial clients.

“A bright future for rabbit free solar park”

Rabbit eradication in solar farm – May 2017

Evergreen received a request by a Spanish company to resolve an intensive rabbit problem on a large solar farm. Rabbits had burrowed everywhere which caused trip hazards to staff, subsidence to solar panels, and exposed cables, they had also chewed through tree guards and killed off a large amount of newly planted hedges.

We supplied a report along with costings to resolve the problem. The surrounding area had large numbers of rabbits, so it was decided to rabbit proof the perimeter and remove the resident rabbits. This was carried out by using cage traps and ferreting. We removed a large number via cage traps as we fitted the fencing and on completion targeted the area with ferrets, nets and dogs until the site was free of rabbits.

All holes where filled in and we reinstated the ground around burrows. We removed 508 rabbits from this site.

“Rabbits given marching orders”

Damaged saplings in a MOD plantation – March 2017

We received an enquiry stating a newly sown plantation was being devastated by a population of rabbits which had to be resolved ASAP.
We visited the site promptly, checked the rabbit proof fencing encircling the plantation and made the relevant adjustments and repairs. We then eradicated resident rabbits via ferrets, nets and dogs. The client checks the site on a regular basis and no damage or rabbits has been seen since.

Rabbit control in Theme Park

February 2017

We received a phone call asking for assistance in stopping damage to the flower beds. After a thorough look around the site combined with a conversation with the customer, it was decided that a combination of methods would be best.

Whilst there were not vast numbers of rabbits, the few that were resident were targeting the expensive and well-presented gardens heavily. There were many bizarre locations rabbits could hide so it was decided that a dog would be used to find them and then use ferrets to flush them into nets. This was carried out whilst the site was closed to the public and a method that accounted for 16 rabbits over 2 days.

Due to the complexity of the site it was decided this method would be complemented by shooting with a FAC air rifle/ night vision and thermal imaging equipment to remove any remaining at night. This helped remove a further 8 rabbits.

We supplied the customer with cage traps to help catch any rabbits should more move back. We also make regular visits to ensure this problem doesn’t happen again.


Rabbits cause problems at a secure unit hospital

February 2016

Several companies had been asked to provide advice and an effective solution that would suit the sensitivity of such a site. Evergreens’ approach of subtly using ferrets and nets was the preferred option and we were asked to carry out the needed works.

The site was split into 2 areas with regards to the rabbit management program. Fenced in garden areas where to be eradicated due to trip hazards caused by burrowing, and risk of the chewing through security camera wires. Over population also posed animal welfare concerns. The aim for the remainder of the 110-acre site was dramatically reduce the population to limit damage to important rehabilitation sports areas.

Within ten days we eradicated 4 secure large garden areas and brought the surrounding population to a tolerable level where damage wasn’t notable. 324 rabbits were removed in total.

From Hampshire to the Hebrides

January 2014

Evergreen along with other pest control companies from across the world was asked to tender for a large-scale rabbit cull on the Isle of Canna.

The magnitude of the problem was colossal and with an estimated population of between 12,000 and 16,000 rabbits it wasn’t surprising. Rabbits had caused a landslide via burrowing which closed the only road to the west, dug up human remains, damaged archaeological site, caused walls to subside, along with intensive grazing which caused problems for the livestock. Diminishing habitats of other species caused by the non-native rabbits also caused conservation concerns.

It was decided that 70% of the population was to be removed within 3 months and then a resident rabbit catcher to be employed to stop numbers increasing again. The client requested that rabbits are left with view that they would feed the local sea eagles.

Evergreen was awarded the contract. We carried out the work via a small team of us and mixture of methods. We worked both day and night utilising methods including: ferreting, rifles fitted with night vision and thermal imaging equipment, drop boxes, cage trapping, snaring, amongst others.

Three months of intensive work provided the required results and the island now has a resident rabbit catcher to control the population. Since then over 20,000 rabbits have been removed and it is said this is the biggest rabbit cull in UK history.

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