Why Rabbits need to be kept under control in such areas

Evergreen Rabbit Control has been relied upon to resolve rabbit issues in some of the UK’s leading tourist attractions and have a proven track record in this field.

Unique tourist attractions such as adventure parks, ornamental gardens, along with stately homes are just some of the places we are contracted in to help. Regular site visits, one off culls or annual culls are often the services required for such environments.

Rabbits cause problems in such areas in an assortment of ways. Digging causes trip hazards and chewing through cables invoke equipment failure and fire risk. This must be avoided at all costs where public and staff safety is paramount. Rabbits grazing plants, shrubs and trees can cause hundreds or thousands of pounds worth of damage and make the place look unkept. This of course effects the aesthetics of an area.


How we work

Tourist attractions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and require different approaches to resolve the problem efficiently. We believe it is crucial to understand how each venue works and the needs of the client via site meetings with management and staff. This enables us to provide an effective control programme that takes into consideration factors such as the public, equipment or animals.

A sensitive approach is the protocol that is followed which often means we do the required work out of hours. For many of these sites we use Night Vision and Thermal Imaging equipment with the aid of a suitable firearm. In other situations, we use trained dogs to locate rabbits hiding in interesting environments, such rabbits are then flushed via ferrets into nets.

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