Why rabbits need to be kept under control in such areas

There are over 800 islands across the globe that hold varying populations of rabbits.

In almost all instances rabbits where placed there as a food source to aid human inhabitants. Rabbits are one of the top 10 invasive species in the world and their presence can cause numerous problems especially on islands and their fragile eco systems.

A rabbit’s ability to multiply combined with the amount they eat (7 rabbits to a sheep) can have devastating effects to flora and fauna. A plague of non-indigenous rabbits competes for habitat and food with native species. They can cause loss of crops to farmers, damage Archaeological sites and have detrimental effects of a variety of wild and bird life.


How we work

A lot depends on what the client requires and what is realistically possible within financial restraints.

We offer ongoing control programmes with resident rabbit controllers, one off population reduction jobs and eradication programmes. In each instance, an in-depth site visit is needed. This is to evaluate what is required to achieve the required results and give costings. We work with landowners, management and staff to ensure smooth running of such projects whilst ensuring our activities don’t affect other island users.


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