“Thank you for coming and removing 18 rabbits from our paddock – hopefully that should slow them down a little. I was surprised at how quiet it was – I was expecting my Jack Russell’s to be very agitated, but didn’t hear a thing whilst you were here.”

Mrs H – Oxfordshire

“Our training gallops and surrounding area had a severe rabbit problem which was of concern as posed a real danger to our horses. We are happy to say Evergreen has resolved this problem and play an active role in stopping any such issues arising again. I heartily recommend their services.”

Ralph Beckett – Race horse trainer – Hampshire

“We were looking for a company that would help us control our rabbits but that clearly had animal welfare and the environment as an integral part of their way of working. We were pleased to find Evergreen and despite living up in Scotland, we were visited by the team who gave us a number of quotes based on what we might be able to afford. We liked how Evergreen used rifles with infra-red and night vision technology as well as dogs and ferrets – no nasty chemicals! The team are a friendly, hard working group and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them”

L Cassels – croft owner, cairngorms – Scotland

“I was tasked with finding the right company to control the rabbit population on a 100 acre, rural hospital site. I contacted Evergreen Rabbit Control for a free, no obligation quote and was immediately impressed with the professional and personal approach to work. Other companies has made the work seem mechanical and faceless, but Evergreen seemed to have a real feel for the task in hand. They took time to walk me through the work across site and explained every aspect of how the work could be carried out.

​We commissioned Evergreen Rabbit Control with the contract and were incredibly satisfied with the results. The work was carried out quickly and discreetly and, given the rural location of the site, we are still seeing the benefits of the removal two years later.

For an experienced, efficient and competent experience, I would highly recommend using Evergreen Rabbit Control.”

P Worthington – Devon

“We have used Evergreen for over 10 years on the farms we manage and have found them to be highly reliable and professional. They have brought about rapid reductions in our rabbit populations to now very manageable levels. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending their services.”

Mr Coleman, Farmer – Hampshire

“Excellent work – and done with good humour and high-level professionalism.
Top Banana!”

Don, garden owner – Somerset

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