“No thanks Peter”

June 2018

Evergreen was asked to resolve a rabbit issue in a garden near Winchester, Hampshire. The customer asked if we could resolve the problem as quickly as possible as the flowers were being munched and disappearing rapidly. We soon removed the rabbits via ferret’s, dogs and nets as an initial treatment. We now regularly check the large garden with thermal equipment and an airgun to ensure no such problems occur again.

“Rabbits chew through fencing in Ascot”

April 2018

We received a call asking if we could assist with a rabbit problem in a large garden in Ascot. The area had been Rabbit Proofed some years previous, but rabbits had recently chewed a hole through it to get to the lavish garden plants. After a walk of the perimeter we found 2 holes which we patched, it was advised if the chewing continued a new fence would be required. We set long nets around the garden and used a dog to find and flush rabbits out from inside. We located 2 rabbits which we humanely dispatched and several weeks later there is no evidence of rabbits.

“Rabbit problem within the grounds”

January 2018

Upon receiving an email from the owner of a large country home, we were asked if we could help with a rabbit problem with the grounds. We visited the property and met with the gardening team who showed us the site. After detailed visit we forwarded the client our thoughts, along with a list of costs to suit budgets and efficiency. It was decided that the best option was to rabbit proof the perimeter and remove those rabbits inside. We installed a mixture of post and rail and close board fencing all of which was Rabbit Proofed. We searched the property with a dog, and found 11 rabbits which were removed via nets and ferrets.

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