Why rabbits need be kept under control in such areas

Rabbits cause all sorts of problems in gardens. They love eating plants and flowers (normally ones of value), stress to those who like to keep their garden aesthetically pleasing. Targeted plants need to be replaced once rabbits have relied upon them as a food source. Their droppings and urine also taint and burn lawns meaning they often look unkempt where rabbits frequently graze.

Rabbits dig scrapes in search of young shoots, in time this can often mean lawn replacement is needed at great expense to the owner. As in forestry, ornamental garden trees will also be attacked again causing considerable expense for replacements.

Their burrows also provide the risk of injury to humans and pets alike. Burrows often increase in size annually, if the rabbit numbers are not controlled, meaning a garden could soon resemble a war zone. Rabbits are resourceful creatures and often take up residence in places other than in holes such as under decking, garden sheds and even houses. This could potentially cause issues such as subsidence and the risk of fire if they chew through electrical wires. Wild rabbits can also pass on diseases to unvaccinated pet rabbits, which could result in the loss of the pet.

Hear at Evergreen we use a variety of methods suited for the requirements of rabbit control in a garden. These are safe to pets, wildlife and family members. In most instances it is advisable to rabbit proof the perimeter first and then remove internal populations. This then means no re infestations are possible.

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