What is Rabbit Management Consultancy?

Rabbit Management Consultancy is a service aimed at helping those wanting to control rabbits effectively themselves. When needed, we provide site visits to assess the problem, and understand each situation as an unique and individual project. This allows us to understand all the factors involved in making such a job, an effective one.

We then provide the client with a detailed report, which includes: the best way to tackle the issue with guidance on what equipment is required, any logistical issues that need to be considered and the cost for the project. Throughout the project Evergreen provides support and advice where required.

When is Rabbit Management Consultancy required?

The main reason this service is required is when a client has the labour force to do the job, but are not sure how to do it to ensure maximum effect. In some cases Evergreen are brought in to resolve an ongoing rabbit problem, where the control programme has failed and they need assistance to make the programme work correctly. It may be a case that the control programme needs some slight tweaking to become what is needed or completely refigured. This is when consultancy can be the turning point.

Why do you need Rabbit Management Consultancy?

If a rabbit control programme isn’t carried out correctly it is destined to fail from the outset. Correct planning, the right methods used, combined with sensible budgeting and strategic placement of manpower are key factors in an effective controlled programme. This in turn makes our consultancy service important to those wishing to manage a rabbit infestation properly in-house.

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