Why rabbits need to be kept under control in such areas

At Evergreen we have safely worked on numerous locations involved with transport to promptly remove rabbits. We work closely with agencies and other companies to ensure we carry out the required works within agreed time scales.

These sites often consist of steep embankments covered in vegetation, this provides an ideal environment for rabbits, giving them food, shelter and little predation. There are often high population of rabbits in these areas which can affect yields of crops in adjacent fields. In many instances, these infestations cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to crops. Along with this, plantations on embankments often become targeted and once ring barked by rabbits they die and become unstable. The burrows they dig cause erosion which can lead to unstable services meaning these areas need rabbit control for maintenance and health and safety reasons.

How we work

Utilising a large range of specialist equipment Evergreen Rabbit Control provide a wide range of services.

Our work can be carried out during daylight, but we are well practiced in safely working at night during closures if required. In some instances, Rabbit Proofing with Droboxes may be the required method of control. In other instances, Ferreting is an effective method very well suited to eradicate such areas. The suitability of the chosen control method/s is chosen during the initial site visits and the tendering process.

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