The ultimate way to monitor wildlife populations 


Drones fitted with thermal imaging equipment provide a highly accurate way to access volumes , species and locations of both pests and wildlife.




Why use a Drone ?

Love them or hate them it is hard to escape from the fact that these devices provide a unique view of an area and all with in. This  allows a site to be surveyed quickly, precisely, and when used correctly by a licensed operator… safely.



Why a Thermal Drone 

Thermal imaging equipment is  useful to spot wildlife but when combined with a drone it becomes a very powerful tool . The elevated position gives a unique view allowing the thermal equipment to highlight even the smallest of heat signatures from a distance that doesn’t disturb wildlife. Unlike thermal hand held units our specialist equipment is unaffected by undulating ground or obstacles . This means little in the form of pests , wildlife , livestock or  people can hide from this making it extremely accurate at evaluating a site.


The Technology

Our advanced radiometric thermal systems allow us to identify pests, wildlife and such like which then enables us to act accordingly. Working with a high resolution thermal sensor and 4k visual camera lets us  find and identify each species quickly . Our drone pilot has the options to either fly the drone manually or via an automated pre planned flight log of the target area. We can even set the drone to follow a target with in a set heat range making this system extremely helpful for eradication projects . In each instance the pilot can see all in view of the drone via a live feed as it happens. The equipment is also IP44 rated meaning it can cope with less than pleasant weather and in up to 25 mph winds



Our Drones Capabilities and uses

At Evergreen Rabbit control we utilise the latest drone and thermal imaging technology to aid our work for the purpose of Rabbit, Pest and Wildlife management in a mixture of habitats . Our drone fitted with thermal imaging equipment has many uses and is capable of surveying several hundred acres accurately in a hour . Here at Evergreen we utilise these advanced systems to enable us to do our job more efficiently but we also offer our thermal drone services for other purposes


The Thermal Drone services we provide ….

  • Assessing Pest problems accurately
  • Aiding large scale pest control and eradication projects
  • Deer counts ( Species accurate)
  • Conservation work ( including locating nest sites , endangered species and assessing populations)
  • Bespoke solutions suited to the clients requirements so please contact us if not listed above


The area we cover

Our services are available to clients across the UK and overseas so no matter where you are based get in touch …




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