What is Ferreting?

Ferreting for rabbits is a traditional form of rabbit control that requires a variety of skills and the natural instincts of ferret to hunt rabbits.

Trained Ferrets fitted with location devices are entered to rabbit burrows to find rabbits via scent. Rabbits are chased out from such tunnel systems to avoid capture from the ferret/s to be caught via a number of effective capture methods including or a combination of nets, dogs, shotguns or birds of prey. The rabbits are then humanely dispatched by a trained and experienced member of staff.

When should ferreting for rabbit control be used?

Ferreting is a method of control used by us on a daily basis in broad spectrum of diverse locations and land uses across the UK.

Domesticated ferrets fitted with tracking systems are used to bolt rabbits from burrows. We, however regularly use them to flush rabbits from underneath buildings, decking and sheds as well as from drain systems, wire ducts, walls, log piles.

Ferreting professionally can be carried out 12 months of the year however it is normally more cost effective between September and May when the vegetation is minimal. This service is a truly versatile method and can be tailored to suit almost all locations with maximum results.

Did you know…

  • Ferreting is a more effective, cheaper and environmentally friendly alternative to Gassing when administered correctly.
  • In the majority of situations, 95% or more of resident rabbits can be removed when ferreting correctly.
  • We use specially trained dogs to locate rabbits, this heightens effectiveness.
  • All our ferrets are micro chipped and fitted with tracking devices.

Why you need Ferreting for rabbit control.

Here at Evergreen Rabbit Control with the aid of our team of experienced and trained ferrets, their natural instinct to hunt and bolt rabbits, we systematically clear vast areas of rabbits.

With unrivalled experience this extremely effective form of control can be tailored to effectively clear all environments. Rabbits bolted by our own strain of ferrets are either caught by strategically placed nets, awaiting dogs or birds of prey, shot by skilled marksmen, or a combination of the above. This versatile system that we tailor to suit each individual job.

When working as methodically as this it leaves few, if any, to repopulate which provides optimum results of which “sporting ferreters” could seldom achieve.

We have utilised this universal method with great effect across all corners of the UK for a huge selection of clients with different land uses and needs.


We use Ferreting for rabbits across the UK and has been highly successful in a variety of environments.

If you would like to know more about Ferreting please contact us  or send us an email – info@evergreenrabbitcontrol.co.uk

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