We regularly manage rabbit and wildlife populations on large international airports as well as smaller independent runways  .

Burrowing rabbits kick debris on to runways which pose dangers to aircraft, often causing uneven surfaces for landing and taking off. The risk of loose soil or stones can enter engines and cause damage or failure. Rabbits running around airfields can be distractions as well as cause damage to important communication and equipment via chewing.

How we work

At Evergreen Rabbit Control we work closely with air traffic control, management teams and staff to achieve required results without interrupting the smooth running of the airport. Our team work to a flexible schedule the suits the needs of each airport.

Our specialist control techniques used to remove rabbits can be tailored to suit each part of the project meaning no disruption is caused to either on or off airside activities. Our services can be carried out after dark when required.

With an experienced team in this sector, the client can be rest assured that all our activities are carried out safely, professionally and effectively. We offer:

  • Regular management contracts.
  • Proofing solutions.
  • One off culls.

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