Why Rabbits need to be kept under control in such areas

Evergreen carries out rabbit control programmes on farmland consisting of tens of thousands of acres.

We work for some of the biggest farming contractors in Europe as well as many smaller independent companies across the UK. Rabbits eat approximately 500 grams of vegetation a day each and this is often compared to 7 rabbits eating that of one sheep. It is then easy to see why rabbits cost the British agriculture industry £100 million per annum.

We work closely with landowners, farm managers and agronomists to ensure rabbits do not cause losses to crop or other related issues. We regularly work on shooting estates and are well practiced in working around other activities that take place on such land.

In each situation we utilise a huge selection of control methods to ensure a cost-effective service, that is executed successfully without impacting other interests. Some of the methods we use include professional Ferreting, Night Vision and Thermal Technology use. Traditional trapping along with the erection of effective Rabbit Proof Fencing and Dropbox installation are also services we frequently carry out.

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A bonus of using Evergreen is that we work various hours of the day and night meaning we are often looked upon as an extra security measure. We also communicate with Country watch officers and gamekeeper groups to report suspicious activities.

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