Why rabbits need to be kept under control in such areas

In these areas, rabbits can be a cute reminder of cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny or Peter Rabbit but they can also cause several problems. Rabbits digging cause trip hazards which can lead to injuries. If the area has flowers or ornamental plant life this can be targeted with varying degrees of destruction. If numbers are high then an abundance of droppings may become an issue.

How are results achieved

Evergreen has worked on a large number of jobs in public places from land run by councils to grounds owned by large charities.

In each instance we have worked closely with the landowner, manager and staff during the planning process to ensure the work needed gets the achieved results with minimum fuss or attention. We understand that the task of rabbit removal can be a controversial subject in “modern society” which is why we often follow a “hear no evil, see no evil “ approach keeping our actions unnoticed. In such instances we often utilise a variety of control methods which can be deployed effectively at night and out of mind. Sometimes this is complemented with Rabbit Proof Fencing and Drop Box systems to ensure no future infestations.

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