What is a Rabbit Proof Fence?

An effective rabbit proof fence consists of a variety of high quality materials erected to an equal standard.

Each location is different so the specifications for an effective fence may vary. However, all fencing consists of specially designed galvanised steel wire netting for rabbit prevention. Depending on the situation, the rabbit fence can be installed as a new fence designed with any of the client’s other requirements, or can be fitted to an existing fence line. In each instance the heavy duty netting is buried to prevent rabbits digging under and erected high enough so rabbits cannot jump over. Gates are also rabbit proof along with being user friendly.

Such an installation is for long-term proofing against adults and young rabbits. In our experience many fencing contractors use poor quality materials as well as having the netting too low and not buried deep enough into the ground. This is mainly due to the fact that they underestimate rabbits capabilities which can allow them to chew through, climb over or dig under supposedly ‘Rabbit Proof Fencing’.

We install fencing that is multi purpose:

  • Our standard specifications of rabbit netting is as minimum
  • Compliance with British and European Standards
  • 1200 x 30 x 1.2mm
  • Wire Gauge (mm) 1.2
  • Overall Height (mm) 1200
  • Mesh Size (mm) 30
  • 18 gauge heavily galvanised (to class A) steel wire

When a Rabbit Fence is Needed?

Rabbit fencing plays an important role in the long-term prevention of rabbit damage when erected correctly to the right specifications. Here at Evergreen Rabbit Control we understand the capabilities of rabbits which is often not the case with non-specialist companies.

Rabbit Proof Fencing is vital for protection against damage from rabbits. This fencing is designed to stop rabbits from crossing boundaries into areas deemed important. It is a method of control that can be utilised for a number of reasons.

Normally it is needed when rabbits visit from neighbouring land and are causing damage such as digging, eating or chewing. This behaviour can cause loss of income, health and safety issues, as well as loss of habitat to native species etc… making fencing extremely important to stop this. We often install Rabbit Drop Boxes in such a situation to remove the population of rabbits.

Rabbit Proof Fencing is often erected around an area that is to be eradicated, this can be areas such as gardens, plantations, conservation areas or much bigger projects.

Did you know…

  • The rabbit-proof fence of Western Australia measuring 3,253 km (2,021 mi) is the longest of its kind in the world
  • Our rabbit fencing specifications often exceed standards set by government agencies
Rabbit Proof Fencing

Why you Need Rabbit Proof Fencing?

Rabbit proof fencing plays an important role in controlling rabbit populations and there movement into areas. Fencing helps aid other control methods and gives a control programme lasting effects.

We install a large variety of types and styles of fencing and gates, all of which are made to be rabbit proof but can serve multiple purposes. We can also fit Rabbit Proof Fencing to almost any type of existing fence.

Large Rabbit Fencing Projects

In most circumstances we use our specialised rabbit fencing plough. This piece of machinery enables us to erect fencing quickly and precisely whilst burying the netting to the required depth.

We can fit netting onto existing fences (such as post and rail, stock netting and chain link fencing) as well as those specifically erected for the prevention of rabbit damage. With the use of our plough we can erect substantial amounts of netting in a short space of time, therefore allowing us to install fencing much cheaper than most other contractors.

Smaller Rabbit Fencing Projects

For jobs in confined areas that restrict the use of our plough we use more traditional means whilst still maintaining the high quality and effectiveness.

Please note that in many cases it will be necessary to install Drop Boxes along the fence. See Methods of Control for further information. A member of the team will be happy to talk through individual requirements and advise where necessary.

We have installed bespoke Rabbit Proof Fencing and solutions in numerous locations and for various reasons.  Contact us to get advice on a Rabbit Proof Fencing solution suitable to you.


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