Why Rabbits need to be kept under control in such areas

Evergreen Rabbit Control works regularly for those with interests in the horse world. We have on going contracts with some of the top racehorse trainers in the UK, premier racehorse studs as well as for those who take part in polo, eventing and cross country.

As well as competing for grazing, rabbits also pose a great risk to both horses and their riders via digging. A rabbit hole in the wrong place can cause a horse to trip and fall or break its leg meaning an end to its career or worse. Not only can this mean the loss of financial and time investment, but the potential loss of a much-loved animal.

We fully understand the importance of keeping these areas free of damage and well versed in working at all variations of equestrian environments. We work closely with horse owners, yard managers and trainers to ensure the suitability of control methods and timings for the safety of all involved before work commences.


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