What is Harvest Rabbit Control?

Over the course of summer many rabbits will have moved out into the standing crops as they have grown.

As the cover afforded by them increases, not only do crops such as oilseed rape, beans, maize provide a safe haven, they also provide food! When harvest time arrives, and the combine or forage harvester start work, this is the perfect opportunity to cull the rabbits living in the shelter of the crop. Using strategically placed long nets (sometimes completely encircling the field) many of the pests are accounted for. We also position safe and licensed marksman to mop up any escapees.

In all cases Evergreen are happy to discuss the methods to be used and liaise with landowners and their employees to ensure both efficiency and safety during this busy period.

Did you know….

  • It is estimated that farmers are losing about £100 million per year in the UK as a consequence of rabbit damage to cereals.

When should Harvest Rabbit Control be used?

During harvest time of course!

Rabbits tend to favour certain crops to live in as the crop grows, fields of oil seed rape, beans and maize are all preferred by the rabbits to live in during warmer months. As soon as the crops are ready to harvest the combines or forage harvesters start their business. Fields are cut systematically by this machinery which allows us to place nets or stand in strategic spots with shotguns. This allows us to either catch or shoot rabbits as the safety of the standing crop disappears.

Why you need professionals to carry out Harvest Rabbit Control

This time of year is very busy on a farm and farmers have to work quickly and precisely whilst the weather allows them to go about their business.

It is therefore important that our rabbit control activities do not interfere with this. We work closely with the farmer, contractors and any employees that may be working with in the area where we are controlling rabbit numbers.

Whilst the rabbit’s presence won’t affect this crop now, it will for the next, so we take this opportunity whilst rabbits are vulnerable and remove very high percentages. Hundreds can be netted or shot from just a few acres during this method of control.


We utilise Harvest Rabbit Control for some of the biggest farming companies in Europe as well as the smaller business with great effect. To find out more about our effective techniques please contact us or send us an email info@evergreenrabbitcontrol.co.uk

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