What is Rabbit Eradication?

Rabbit Eradication is a service Evergreen provides for customers who require the removal of all rabbits from an area. This service can be carried out on an assortment of sites, from small jobs like gardens to larger projects including islands across the globe

How we eradicate rabbits 

We work closely with land owners, management groups and conservation bodies to achieve the required results . This service requires strategic planning and the use of an assortment of control methods which is reinforced with  years of experience. The eradication process begins with a survey, that allows the creation of a detailed plan of action. The work is then carried out in an intensive and methodical manner, using a variety of effective techniques. The final stages of this process are completed with the aid of dogs, trained to locate rabbits alongside the use of  thermal imaging equipment to assist in locating any stragglers until all rabbits are removed. We can then guarantee the removal of all rabbits .

Drones fitted with thermal imaging cameras 

We are licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority to use drones fitted with thermal imaging sensors which are great tools for finding wildlife. These advanced systems highlight heat given off by rabbits which are viewed as it happens via a live feed by the pilot   .These elevated heat detection sensors spot pests easily which helps aid such projects and allows actions to be carried out promptly, accurately and cost effectively .  Our Qualified pilots are able to fly these systems both day and night which enable us to monitor large areas and pin point rabbits during any eradication process . This can be carried out via pre planned flights or manually with alarms set to automatically find rabbits no matter how complex the terrain is .




When is Rabbit Eradication required?

Rabbits… Breed like rabbits! Which in turn means they repopulate quickly and the damage linked with this continues. Where this can’t be tolerated ‘Rabbit Eradication’ is the best approach for long term results, especially areas with effective perimeter fencing or islands.

As a rule, the reasons for such actions can be condensed into two groups – due to environmental or financial loss or both.

The destruction caused by rabbits through grazing and digging can mean the loss of habitat to a variety of resident species. Their presence can vastly change a landscape, in some cases with long-lasting and irreversible consequences. These problems are multiplied on islands that have fragile eco systems.

Rabbits are also less than welcome where they cause significant loss to income in the form of crop damage which can often evoke an eradication project.

Why you need Rabbit Eradication?

Eradication projects are often the preferred option instead of population reduction, as this requires on-going work to prevent any reoccurring infestation problems linked with this process. The rabbits ability to excessively means that if just a handful are left, the problem is likely to multiply quickly. The eradication of non native rabbits will allows an area to rejuvenate to its former natural glory.

Rabbits have high breeding rates  which leads to the devastation plant life, impacting the natural area. In these instances Rabbit Eradication is the most suitable option as a control method. To add to this, it is worth noting that rabbits are non-indigenous species to the countries they now inhabit, including the UK, Australia and New Zealand as well as numerous islands across the world.

Rabbit eradication Project out side of the the UK?  …. 

If you require a rabbit eradication service please get in touch , we would love to help so send us a email to overseas@evergreenrabbitcontrol.co.uk


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