What is Rabbit Trapping?

Rabbit Trapping is an art form that requires a great deal of skill and an ability to read a rabbit’s movements if it is to be effective. The best suited trap is selected and set in or near the area where rabbits are causing problems. Rabbit traps come in all sorts of shape and sizes. They can be a baited live catch trap set in the middle of a garden lawn or a trap that will dispatch instantly set in a warren entrance on farmland.

Traps that dispatch rabbits are normally set in the entrance to the burrows, holes under fencing, or in artificial tunnels. In every case the traps are always covered to avoid the capture of non-target species whilst at the same time maximising total effectiveness. In each instance the trap is checked at least once every 24 hours and all captees are removed ready for the next.

In most circumstances many traps will be set to increase efficiency. We have large numbers in stock ready for any jobs that require removal of large scale infestations as well as the smaller jobs where just a few cause issues. Each trap that is set has a marker placed and its location recorded to ensure they are collected at the end of the trapping operation.

Trapping Rabbits

When Rabbit Trapping is needed?

Trapping rabbits as a control method can be replied upon in a variety of situations. Cage traps baited with carrots can be used in almost all locations. They can be relied upon to reduce numbers in gardens unprotected by rabbit fencing or in more open areas such as farmland as part of a large-scale control programme. During eradication jobs they can also be used as a method to remove stragglers from an area with the benefit of any non-target species can be released unharmed

Traps are used for large rabbit control jobs as well as where an odd rabbit is proving difficult to remove via other means. They can be used in a variety of locations, but an evergreen operative will access the suitability during initial site visit.

Why you need a professional Rabbit Trapper.

Rabbit trapping is a skilled art form if it is to be effective, it requires a good solid understanding of the rabbit, its habits and all the associated behaviour patterns which we are accustomed to. At Evergreen we also follow strict guidelines set by both DEFRA and BASC to ensure such standards are met and all traps are checked as a minimum of once every 24 hours.

All trapping operations are carried out with non-target specie avoidance in mind as well as effectiveness. Once a trap is set, it is working 24 hours a day and this helps boost a control programme and increases time efficiency. All traps are numbered or set with a marker beside them to guarantee they are all safely removed once the control programme has been completed.

Trapping rabbits is an important method for effective control. Send us a email at info@evergreenrabbitcontrol.co.uk or visit our contact page.

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