Evergreen works for a number of organisations to protect ancient monuments from the damage caused by rabbits. The rabbits burrowing activities have seen us remove rabbits in such locations across the UK.

We recently cleared an area of rabbits from a historic hill fort site in Dorset . A growing population of rabbits had caused ongoing issues including excessive erosion via burrowing. It was decided the area could not tolerate the damage any longer and they had to go in order to protect this delicate site .


We worked closely with the organisation to achieve to best results possible . During the planning process it was decided we would clear rabbits from certain burrows which would then be back filled and levelled . The client would then lay wire mesh on the ground and area around the burrow  , this would ensure no rabbits could get back into the holes.

We removed the rabbits with the aid of ferrets and nets as a more effective and safer alternative to gassing . To ensure no rabbits were missed in the warrens we used a trained dog to locate rabbits.  This allowed us to ensure no rabbits were left prior to hole blocking and meshing over.

The work was carried out quickly , discreetly and methodically without any interruption to public access . All rabbits caught were used for either animal or human consumption .

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