Rabbits destroy garden 

Over the last few months the rabbit population had increased for one keen gardener to the point where the damaged linked with such a population had become intolerable . They had  burrowed in the lawn and destroyed many plants so it was time to reduce the numbers .

After a survey of the area it was decided we would use ferrets, nets and dogs as the first stage of the rabbit control plan which would remove those living inside the garden . Due to the lack of rabbit fencing around the perimeter  we would then return with night-vision , thermal imaging equipment and silenced firearms to remove rabbits that visit the garden at night .

Ferreting worked really well with two members of staff , two ferrets and two dogs . The dogs are important to ensure no rabbits are missed as they indicate where rabbits hide . This ensures efficiency and allows us to provide great results . After a few hours  of ferreting we removed 18 rabbits .

we returned a few nights later with firearm rated air guns fitted with silencers  along with night vision and thermal imaging equipment to remove more rabbits . After sitting in highseats the two of us removed a further 21 rabbits bringing total to 39

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