Gassing is often promoted by non-specialist pest control companies as the only effective means of rabbit control, this couldn’t be further from the truth especially when compared to versatile methods employed today.

Whilst gassing can be a simple procedure to carry out, it certainly isn’t with out its risks or all that effective in most situations.

This method is carried out by placement of tablets in warren entrances. These release a concentration of poisonous gas when in contact with moisture are inserted into each hole of the burrow. Each hole should then be immediately blocked with the hope to kill any rabbits below ground.

To the potential customer it may sound like a magic cure, however there are a few potential problems that often deem it an unsuitable or an ineffective method.

Gassing is the most expensive form of direct control if the correct amount of gas is used, combined with this many companies only offer the removal of 50% of the population.  

Rabbits don’t always live below ground due to frequent mild weather making such a method unreliable. The ineffectiveness of such a method is increased when vegetation is dense, and holes are easily missed.

It is illegal to use gas near buildings, or water courses due to the unpredictability of where it may emerge once dispersed underground.

Gas is an indiscriminate killer & can kill any animal in its path, both protected & not. Little owls, hedgehogs, polecats, reptiles etc are all regular occupants of burrows. Also any gas that seeps through soil in shallow tunnel systems targets species living in the vicinity such as ground nesting birds, livestock & pets.

With all these concerns, we opt not to use these methods and favour an assortment of methods that also give much better results with out the risks. In many situations ferreting is a much more effective procedure, it also doesn’t pose the risks to other wildlife. This method is often complemented with other methods including the use of dogs and long nets to capture rabbits that may not live in burrows with in the control area. To add to this we often check the area with thermal imaging equipment to ensure maximum results.

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