Removing a rabbit problem 

Rabbits have been introduced to many parts of the globe and in most instances the population has grown to plague proportions causing issues for all manner of reasons. Since there introduction they have become one of the top ten of invasive species in the world.

So, what is the best way to reduce the furry army, eradicate a population or just bring the numbers down to a level where damage is tolerable? Needless to say, to win such a battle with this prolific pest is not going to be a walk in the park but it is possible!

There are many factors involved in getting the required results including having a good understanding of the rabbit’s habits and abilities and at no point underestimate them!

One also must ask one’s self …. What population decrease is required? The higher the percentage of rabbits to be removed means the more work involved in removing them. It is also worth noting at this point that it can take as long to catch the first few thousand as the last 2 in an area . Budget will also have a factor on what can be achieved.

The best way forward ….

As a rule (and there are always exceptions to these), the smaller an area being controlled the more frequent the control needs to be carried out . Neighbouring rabbits will move back in from surrounding areas after such culling. Rabbit proof fencing in such situations is advisable to stop this. Any rabbits then trapped inside said area can be eradicated with little risk of re- infestation (if the fence is correct and gates are kept shut!) . Burrow destruction and habitat management can also be beneficial.

The bigger the control area can mean less reliance on fencing although it can be helpful in areas that are difficult to control via other means especially when combined with Dropbox traps.  An assortment of control measures should be used consistently and methodically to get the required goal. This can be a labour-intensive job, but modern technology such as thermal imaging equipment is aiding to speed things up.

Some areas are easier to clear of rabbits than others. An approach of mixed methods combined with an evolving and flexible plan of action is the best way forward.  This should be carried out in a methodical manner and where required repeated.


What methods work….

Certain formulas work well and the approach is as important as the methods used.In most instances, ferreting with nets is a good starting point if carried out correctly and across as large area as possible. This can be complimented with trapping. Once the population is very low shooting at night can be put to good effect. It can be carried out with either a lamp or night vision. What choice of firearm is dependent on what is safe to use in the area. The more intensive and meticulous this is carried out the higher the results.

There is of course more than one way to” skin a cat” and to find out more about rabbit control methods please click

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