The Rabbits Predators 

Rabbits have many predators , that hunt them from the air , on land and below in burrow systems . These predators come in all shapes and sizes depending on which country the rabbits live. In the UK , rabbits are deemed a food source by many birds of prey including buzzards and goshawks. Foxes and badgers frequently hunt them especially during breeding season when they dig out rabbits nest to eat the young.  Mustelids such as polecats, stoats , weasels and otters will all hunt rabbits in burrow systems .

Despite a notable amount of species wanting the humble rabbit as a meal , rabbits are prolific breeders and often out match the predators appetite . Each predator will have an impact on a rabbit population but in truth it wont stop the number of rabbits increasing .

At Evergreen we understand the merits of each of these predators and utilise domesticated “versions” to aid our work with a bit of human intervention .


Natures answer to a rabbit problem… 

Dogs have been used for centuries to hunt all manner of species and have been vital in the evolution of man . We utilise a team of dogs and encourage there natural instincts to find and hunt the rabbit. Some dogs are trained purely to indicate where a rabbit may be hiding whilst others are used to flush rabbits from vegetation for rabbits to be caught in nets or shot . Other dogs such as our lurchers are trained to pursue the rabbits at night or during the day and retrieve live to hand unharmed.

Hunting with ferrets is a vital part of the business .We rely on the ferrets instinct and nose to hunt and  flush rabbits from burrow systems, log piles, under buildings and so on. These rabbits are caught via a number of means including nets and guns.

The use of trained hawks play an important role in our work . We work with our avian team to remove rabbits from all manner of habitats as there excellent sight can be relied upon to see any rabbit moving with in the control area. Once sighted it is then there job to catch the rabbit.

With our help , careful handling and training these species bring attributes to the team that provide a natural means of control and provides a solution to a rabbit problem that is better than any chemical solution.


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