Which Thermal Spotter?

We have been using thermal technology for some years to aid our work . These spotting devices have helped efficiency during rabbit control projects big and small and in various locations both in rural and built up areas .

Although our other thermal spotters had served us very well over the years it was time to look at modern models . So a few months go we looked at upgrading our equipment and after lots of research in to the ever evolving world of technology we opted for a  Pulsar  Helion XQ50 f.

Our Thoughts

If im honest , my initial thoughts were mixed, id been used to using a thermal with 1-x4 magnification which gave a great field of view for close range stuff but the XQ50 started at x 4 magnification and up to x16. This meant i had to scan more to cover closer range for rabbits. At first i found this hard work and when looking for rabbits with in airgun range it took a bit longer than i was used to ,as i would have to scan the area more due to smaller field of view .

However with time and using it 3/4 nights a week i,ve grown to like it and certainly is the one that is my preference to use. The high resolution clarity at x4 magnification is excellent and when a rabbit is the open it can be identified at 300 yards although it will pick up heat sources of small game at much further distances .

This makes it a very good choice for the those wishing to spot rabbits and foxes at distance to either allow long range shots or get in a better shooting position once located. I would say this spotter is highly suited to the use of .17hmr distances and above with a impressive image.

The 50 hz refresh rate means it isnt constantly pausing allowing the user to get on with the job of spotting. We use the device mainly on foot , but have created a system which makes it efficient on the quad . It can also be used from a 4×4 to spot in the same way a lamp can be used .The device transmits the live image to your phone or ipad etc whilst in the comfort and warmth of your seat which on some nights is certainly a benefit!


We have used it in all weather conditions whilst it was given all the rough and tumble such a device is likely to get in the hunting field with out any effect to its functionality im pleased to say  .

Whilst it may not be the cheapest on the market i feel from the ones we used it is a good mid range model and excellent value for money for the serious pest controller

Who to purchase from ….

Lots of companies sell them but we found www.nightmaster.co.uk provided the most competitive price and excellent service


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