Forestry and Parkland

We have carried out numerous rabbit control projects across the east of Scotland recently. we have been employed to resolve rabbit issues in a series of plantations as well as help save a well maintained parkland and Gardens from rabbits.

In each instance rabbits had caused notable damage to saplings meaning considerable financial loss to owners and investors.

It was our task to inspect rabbit proofing , repair , and advise on on-going maintenance plans, this was followed up by rabbit eradication on each siteĀ  .



Traditional skills combined with modern technology to the rescue……

The forestry sites consisting of large areas of clear fell were cleared of destructive rabbits via an assortment of control measures including ferreting , dogs and thermal imaging technology .

The use of trained and experienced dogs to locate rabbits made ferreting much more successful in such locations and any rabbits hiding under timber were easily located. We used the ferrets to flush rabbits into nets or awaiting shotguns depending on suitability and safety. After this we checked each are regularly with thermal imaging equipment to ensure each site was void of rabbits .

The Parkland was cleared in much the same way but to assist the client we supplied a series of rabbit cage traps to assist in catching any that may breach the fence in the future , but we will now check the the sites each year as an insurance policy .

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