Rabbits in the wee hills

The highlands of Scotland is largely a mountainous region consisting of steep inclines and declines , heath-land , forestry blocks and rock piles to mention a few features which consume a vast area.

Over the years we have worked on many sites across the region to protect assets. Such terrain lends itself well to rabbits and in these situations plantations can become targeted meaning the loss of saplings and trees. Loss to grazing is also of concern when one considers that 7 rabbits eat as much as a one sheep.




Getting Results ….

Providing a cost effective service is vital in these often extreme environments . The need for rabbit proof fencing and drop boxes , rabbit control , eradication and consultancy are all services we carry out in these areas.  We use a combination of traditional and hi tech solutions to get the required results as swiftly as possible with out effecting any other land users or interests.

Some of these terrains are extreme but with an assortment of methods when carried out correctly we can provide a guaranteed solution.

The Cost….

The cost of each solution is very much dependent on the site, the clients requirements , restrictions,  what percentage they want removed or if they can assist in achieving the required goal .It is important that it becomes a profitable exercise for the customer and that each client can reap the rewards of not sustaining a rabbit population . In each instance we talk over all the options during our initial visit to understand the best and most cost effective way forward . .

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