Warming up for the winter ahead

October if often a busy month for us and this has been no exception . With Rabbit control work flowing in along with our regular contracts ,we have been carrying out rabbit control in a variety of counties for a mixture of land uses .

To add to this our hawks have come out of moult with a new set of feathers and after some training they have started catching rabbits during the day and on the lamp . We can now focus on building there fitness levels to give them a productive winter ahead.

The vegetation may still be thinking about dying back which will soon make our job easier when it has but in the mean time we have had plenty that had to be completed .


All over the UK

This month has seen us Rabbit shooting in Cornwall with thermal equipment as well as monitoring rabbit dropbox traps along the north coast, which is a part of our regular work in the county .

In contrast to this we have been eradicating rabbits in Cambridgeshire in a large solar farm and making adjustments to existing fencing.

In Oxfordshire we have spent some time correcting work carried out by a pest control company in a solar farm .We have now provided the results our new client had required in first instance. This was a case of correcting fencing , proofing gates correctly and then removing rabbits that had continued to cause damage . This was carried out with the aid a trained dog to find rabbits, we then flushed the rabbits out with the aid of ferrets and nets

Ferreting on farmland in Hampshire is well underway meaning this side of the business is full steam ahead to get it all completed by the end of the winter . We are shooting most nights of the week either on foot , from quads or a high seat whilst lamping or out with nightvision and thermal imaging equipment .

A client from Wiltshire with a newly acquired paddock employed us to remove rabbits and warrens in the area to make it safe for polo ponies . The warrens across the grassland posed obvious threats to the horses legs and we spent several days ferreting rabbit warrens and then destroying the tunnel systems with a mini digger. Each area was re levelled for the customer to reseed .

We are now looking forward to the jobs booked in for November



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