Rabbit damage of harvest 2018

In July 2018 we received a call from a Hampshire arable farmer near Stockbridge worried about the loss of crops due to a plague of rabbits. He expressed concern that he didn’t want this to happen again and the loss of crop could cost thousands if repeated.

After a initial visit with the client we decided to rabbit proof fence the area and install dropbox rabbit traps to maintain the wild rabbit population . Other methods were an option but fencing gave a long term approach. To add to this the farmer was happy to maintain surrounding populations via regular lamping . 

Soon after harvest and before the next crop was planted we started work on the new rabbit fence . We installed long lengths of rabbit netting via our specialist  rabbit fencing plough which saves time and expense. This ploughs a trench and back fills at the same time whilst keeping the netting tight and presentable. We fitted several galvernised dropboxes which are supplied by Lauder engineering, we have found these to be the best on the market and currently have over 500 in the ground on various sites across the UK.

The rabbit fence was completed in august and will be successful in the protection of crops in many years to come .

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