Effective Rabbit Proofing

After the newly installed park fencing was up along the perimeter of the gardens it was Evergreens job to ensure the historical garden was rabbit proofed.As part of this we had to make sure all gates were rabbit proof and no gaps to let “peter” and his friends into the garden to cause damage. We¬† installed badger gates to maintain the effectiveness of the fence but allow “brock” to pass with out causing destruction to the new rabbit netting¬† .

We spent some time carefully installing the heavy duty 18 gauge rabbit netting which was clipped to a high tensile straining wire . The trench was dug via a mini digger and the netting buried a foot of so with a lip outwards for maximum effectiveness . The gates were proofed via the fitting of railway sleepers underneath and lengthy ground works to ensure they stayed user friendly . As part of the rabbit proofing solution we closed up gaps around hinge areas with metal fabricated for the job.

we are happy to say the finished product looks good , and will be a long term solution to protect such assets of this scenic site.

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